Are hybrid car sales out of gas?

Automakers have put eight new models of electric vehicles on roads this year.

With U.S. households paying on average almost $3,000 last year for gasoline and gas prices rising, people may think electric or hybrid car sales are going through the roof, but thatâ??s not the case.

Presidentsâ?? Day is a big day for car dealers.

A study released earlier this month showed not as many people are buying electric cars, but those who do love them.

Bill Lovegreen at Lovegreen Chrysler Center said the dealership has not seen an influx in hybrid sales.

"I think the reason is automobile makers or manufacturers they're providing vehicles that are getting 30, 35 to up to 40 miles a gallon,â?? Lovegreen said.

Lovegreen said he doesn't think customers want to spend the additional dollars it takes to buy a hybrid to get maybe three or four more miles to a gallon.

Lovegreen said Presidentsâ?? Day is a big day for car dealerships because many people have off and have done their homework.

"When it comes to buying a new or pre-owned vehicle they want to put their hands on it,â?? Lovegreen said. â??They want to know the story behind the pre-owned vehicle. They want to look at the Carfax.â??

So, if you're looking to buy a car, you may want to think twice on buying an electric car or hybrid and remember to do your homework.