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      Are larger class sizes and higher tuition in your future?

      In just a few short days, the Missouri General Assembly will vote whether or not to override Governor Jay Nixonâ??s veto on House Bill 253.

      Monday afternoon, the Coalition for Missouri's Future and local educators urged lawmakers to not override the governor's veto.

      Kirksville Mayor Richard Detweiler told the crowd, "the children are our future."

      President of Truman State University Troy Paino said if the governor's veto is overridden, $1.6 million will be withheld from Truman, which means the school would have to downsize workforce, decrease wages and have an enrollment cap. He said it would also mean an increase in tuition and fees.â??If education is not at the top of the list, I don't think our future is very bright,â?? Paino said. Kirksville R-III Superintendent Patrick Williams said the district budget would be cut about $600,000 annually and it would probably have to cut eight to 10 teachers. He also said classes sizes would go up.â??I hope his veto will be maintained not only for the community, but young people that I deal with everyday,â?? Williams said.

      Truman student and president of Student Government, Matthew Cooper, talked about how it would affect students.â??What happened in the legislation that passed is there's a provision in the bill that would eliminate a tax exemption that's currently in place on textbooks and other things like prescription drugs in Missouri,â?? Cooper said. â??Now some legislators have stated that this was a mistake and itâ??s something that they intend to go back and fix when they get a chance to look at the bill again, but others on the other side of the debate say that's not something they would be allowed to do, because of other pieces of Missouri law. So, I for one am not quite comfortable with trusting legislators to go back and fix this. I would rather something that dangerous not be instated in the first place.â??The veto session is set for Wednesday. Click here for more on HB253 from the Coalition for Missouri's Future.