Are recyclables being recycled?

viewer submitted video of Veolia trash pick up

A large Heartland trash and recycling collector may not be recycling all the recyclables they collect.

KTVO was provided video, shot by a viewer, earlier this week in Adair County. In the video you can see the Veolia worker emptying the recycle container in the back of the trash truck, then emptying the container containing trash into the same truck.

We contacted Veolia officials, and supplied a copy of the video to them to see.

We received a statement from Veolia Thursday afternoon....

"We take incidents like these very seriously. In servicing our customers Veolia's top priorities are safety and environmental protection. We train our drivers to assess many different scenarios and unfortunately in some cases recyclable materials are contaminated with garbage, forcing us to treat the recyclables as garbage. If the recyclables are contaminated, the recycling facility will not accept the material for recycling. As you can clearly see in this video, the driver checked the contents of the tote before dumping them into the truck. This indicates that the recycle tote contained unacceptable recycle materials. We at Veolia are committed to providing the highest level of service in a safe and professional manner."