Are you legal to drive where you live?

For Tuesdayâ??s Facebook Story of the Day you wanted to know when you move into the state of Missouri from another state, how long do you have to get your drivers license and vehicle plates changed and what are the penalties if you don't?

According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, it is state law that you immediately obtain a Missouri drivers license upon residency. You have 30 days from that to register your vehicle in the state.

No new testing is required if you already have a valid license in another state.

In order to obtain a new license, you need to have several documents on hand when you go to the license bureau.

â??They're going to have to have documentation, obviously, of living and being a Missouri resident, they're going to have to have a social security card, they're going to have to have current address of where they're going to be residents, title from the other state indicating it is a legal transaction and they can actually register their vehicle in the state of Missouri,â?? said Sergeant Brent Bernhardt of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The only exemption to transferring residency to Missouri would be students and people taking temporary jobs in the state.

Law enforcement agencies strictly enforce this law, but fines vary for each county.