Are you looking for a summer job?

The State Parks Youth Corps (SPYC) program is returning again.

Are you looking for a summer job?

If you are between the ages of 17 and 23, you are in luck.

The State Parks Youth Corps (SPYC) program is returning again.

â??The first year was really helpful to the state park because we had just suffered an economic downturn and had to lay a couple of employees off,â?? said Thousand Hills Park Superintendent Brent Steacy. â??And, it was really critical to have the State Park Youth Corps here just to keep the doors open, literally.â??

Workers can choose from more than 80 state parks. SPYC works to enhance Missouri's state parks and historical sites. Last year at Thousand Hills State Park, SPYC workers built new stairs behind the cabins.

Steacy said he hopes to use the workers for a lot more this summer. â??I'm hoping to rebuild two stairways behind the cabins,â?? Steacy said.

He also said workers would do some general trail clearing, invasive species removal in the park, general maintenance and upkeep of the facility and painting.

â??They usually like it! Sometimes when it's 95 degrees out they may not like it too much, but we do work them hard,â?? Steacy said. â??We hope we teach them some skills, and we hope we get them interested in working in the public service sector. We just like to expose them to this work and say there are career opportunities here.â??

The program runs from May 1 through October 31.

The salary is minimum wage at $7.35 an hour. The employment length is 300 hours.

You can fill out an application at this website by clicking HERE.