Are you prepared for a Tornado?

It is Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Kirksville Fire Chief Randy Behrens said Kirksville is a storm ready community.

Behrens said; however, there is not a place for people in the community to go if they do not have a basement, but they are working on it.

Behrens said you have to make sure you have a plan in place.

â??When the tornado watch comes on â?¦ make sure that you're thinking about what you're going to do at that time,â?? Behrens said. â??Because, the warnings can come on very fast, and when we're sounding the sirens there might not be any time to leave your home or your place of business to get anywhere. You just got to be prepared.â??

Behrens said if we have ice Tuesday they will not be sounding the sirens along with the National Weather Service, but they will do test at the end of the month at the regular scheduled time.

The State of Missouri Department of Public Safety released some tips:

-Tornado watch means watch the sky. A tornado may form during a thunderstorm.

-Tornado warning means seek shelter immediately.

-An interior room without windows on the lowest floor is the safest shelter location.

-Do not seek shelter in a cafeteria, gymnasium or other large open room because the roof might collapse.

-Immediately leave a mobile home to seek shelter in a nearby building.

-Overpasses are not safe. An overpass' under-the-girder-type construction can cause a dangerous wind tunnel effect.

-If you are driving, you should stop and take shelter in a nearby building.

-If you are driving in a rural area seek shelter in a roadside ditch. Protect yourself from flying debris by covering your head with your arms, a coat or a blanket. Be prepared to move quickly in case the ditch fills with water.

-Never drive into standing water. It can take less than six inches of fast moving water to make a slow moving car float. Once floating, vehicle can overturn and sink.