Area Republicans gather to talk debt, job growth

While Vice President Joe Biden was

campaigning in Ottumwa

, area Republicans held an event of their own.

Three small business owners and representatives of the Republican Party gathered at Al-Jon Manufacturing to talk about small business and the economy and reinforced the plan they feel will benefit them the most in the next few years.

"What is important in this election is jobs and the economy and the debt, this has to be driven down, and we feel that the Romney campaign has the best opportunity to do that, the best opportunity to support manufacturing, which has been the leader of every recovery we've had in this country that I can remember," said Kendig Kneed, President and CEO of Al-jon Manufacturing.

"You know, one thing as a small business owner, it's very important for us that we can make a five-year plan," said Iowa Senator and President of Frog Legs Inc. Mark Chelgren. "But when the government hasn't made its plans, we don't know what to count on. The inconsistencies at the federal government level and the state government level makes it very difficult for a small business owner to make those plans. And if you can't make a good long-term plan, then you can't hire the people, you can fulfill that plan and so you see a lot of people who are just idle."

Chelgren said he bases an administration's success on its actions, not its words, and that the Obama administration's actions have largely not kept up with its promises.

"In order for our economy to come back, we have got to create jobs, we've got to create private sector jobs," said Trudy Caviness, Wapello County Republican Chair co-owner of Colormaster in downtown Ottumwa. "We have got to get our government and our tax base and the deficit under control."

The Romney/Ryan Campaign bus was also on hand for the event and it traveled to Marion and Waukee, Iowa later in the afternoon.