Area students look to get back into routines as winter breaks come to an end

After long winter breaks, many area schools are beginning to resume session with the focus of getting back on track academically.

While it may be easier for older students to transition back into the routine, it can be a little more challenging for the elementary students.

Davis County Elementary School Principal Jennifer Donels said they set aside time to let children socialize and exchange stories of what they did over the long break.

By doing this, it removes the antsiness out of their systems and steers them back into the direction of learning.

But at the same time, kids will be kids.

"I think our teachers really do a super job of getting kids back on track quickly and really helping them focus and keeping learning at the focal point," said Donels. "But we also understand that kids are kids--and kids need time to have some fun outside of learning time as well."

Donels also said that parents taking the time to read to their children over these breaks makes a big difference in getting them prepared to return to school.