Around 135 graduate from Fairfield High School

Fairfield High School's 2013 commencement exercises

Despite the chilly temperatures and cloudy skies on this second day of June, hundreds of people packed Fairfield High Schoolâ??s bleachers for a heartfelt and cheerful graduation ceremony.

â??This is one of those traditions that everyone at FHS loves to see, to be outside on the track, and weâ??re so excited that the weather held out,â?? Fairfield High School Principal Aaron Becker said.

Jim and Priscilla Frier came to see graduates Diana Sanchez and Tamicka Burks, who attend their church.

â??They asked us several months ago, â??Will you come to our graduation?â??, and we said weâ??d be privileged to come to their graduation because theyâ??ve been so faithful in coming to our church,â?? Jim Frier said.

The Class of 2013 voted for Jacob Mineart to give the commencement speech.

â??What I was trying to get across was keep trying to do your best and succeed,â?? Mineart said. â??Donâ??t settle, which I think is very important because youâ??ll find a way to be successful if you try.â??

Before the grads turned their tassels from the left side to the right, Principal Becker also gave some words of encouragement.

The class motto says: â??Let everyday be the first day of the rest of your life, but especially let today be a new beginning.â??

â??You have a choice every single day to do something new with what you want to do in your life,â?? Becker said.

From â??Aâ?? as in Jacob Adam to â??Zâ?? as in Zackery Yancey, nearly 135 seniors graduated Sunday afternoon.

â??Kids define their passion and to whatever that passion may be to reach their purpose in life. Thatâ??s what they need to do.â??

Congratulations to the FHS Class of 2013, and good luck in all of your future endeavors.