Aspen Dental set to open in Ottumwa this week

A new business in Southeast Iowa has the potential to improve your smile.

Aspen Dental is opening up in Ottumwa on Thursday, June 12th.

A variety of services will be offered from preventive care to oral surgery/cancer screenings.

Avoiding regular check-ups may lead to cavities and possibly gum disease.

Dentists recommend scheduling an appointment every six to twelve months.

Staff members hope to attract those who need dental care but may not be able to afford it.

â??We try to capture the people in between the middle class America,â?? said Dr. Dube, Managing Clinical Doctor at Aspen Dental. â??The people who arenâ??t on Medicaid or canâ??t qualify to get Medicaid, but they really canâ??t afford to go to the dentist and pay all the fees there.â??

Aspen Dental is located off of Highway 34. New patients are now being accepted.