A.T. Still introduces new students to Kirksville

The 15th annual Mini Taste of Kirksville took place at A.T. Still University on Tuesday.

First-year students at A.T. Still University got a bite out of what the city of Kirksville can offer them.

The 15th annual Mini Taste of Kirksville took place at the Thompson Campus Center on Tuesday.

The event provided local restaurants an opportunity to welcome Kirksville's newest residents and future healthcare providers to the community, and similarly provided students with an opportunity to get to know local business owners and their services.

"It's just a great event to have for new students as far as welcoming them and showing them in the city of Kirksville and what we offer what are school offers so I think it will continue to be a huge success as long as we have first year students around," said Student Doctor Whitney Knapp.

The event was also in conjunction with the university's Student Government Association Organizational Fair. The Class of 2018 got to learn about and maybe be interested in joining the various student clubs offered at A.T.S.U.