A.T. Still students support friend, community through sports tournament

Student organizers presented a check to the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri Friday.

UPDATE: Results from Winnerfest are in, and the student organizers were able to raise $500 dollars for the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

The students presented a check to Regional Coordinator Susan Dublin Friday.

"This is fabulous to have ATSU students from the Biomedical Science Club come together and do an event like this, and support the food bank, it's just really wonderful to see just one more example of how Kirksville works together,â?? Dublin said.

"We're really proud of how Winnerfest went this year, we had a really good turn out and it was a lot of fun, and you know it was a good way for members of the community to get out and do something productive during the winter months and feel good about it too,â?? said student organizer Tyler Nickle.

The students say Winnerfest wasnâ??t only a fun way to get active, but also good practical experience for their future careers.

"That's what the Biomed Club is all about is finding ways to serve the community, and most of us we want to go and work in medicine or in dentistry or something along those lines, and so being involved in a project like this has really been great for us because it helps further that desire to want to serve the people in the community that we'll work with in the future, so it's been a really rewarding experience, and we'd like to do something like this again in the future,â?? said Nickle.

The money they raised will go directly towards feeding the food insecure in Adair County.

"When $1 equals 15 pounds with the Food Bank, it really goes far and we really appreciate all of the support and help to get food into pantries in Adair County,â?? said Dublin.


Students in the Biomedical Sciences and Sports Med Clubs at A.T. Still University came together this weekend to support a friend in need.

The first ever Winnerfest was held at the Thompson Campus Center to raise money for a second year medical student, Emily Ryan-Michailidis, who is recovering from a sports injury from earlier in the year. Ryan-Michailidis is in need of several surgeries that her medical insurance will not cover.

For a modest fee families could participate in a variety of fun activities Friday night and on Saturday the real games began.

Tournament games were held throughout the day, including some intense dodgeball and racquetball action.

Teams paid entry fees to participate in each of the tournament games, and in turn helped another student in need.

Not only were the students able to raise money for their friend, but a portion of the proceeds will also benefit the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

â??The food bank has really been great to us. We've helped volunteer for them and we just want to help donate to them because we want to support our community as a whole, not just ATSU, but Kirksville as a community,â?? said Sydney Priest, President of the Biomedical Sciences Club at ATSU.

In addition to the entry fees collected through the weekend's events, the clubs also held several raffles to raise even more money.

If you would like to donate to the Food Bank or to help Ryan-Michailidis get the surgeries she needs, donations are still being accepted. You can email the president of the Biomedical Sciences Club or send a donation directly to the club at 800 W. Jefferson St. Kirksville, Mo. 63501.