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      A.T. Still University holding their annual library open house

      A.T. Still Memorial Library is holding their 2nd annual Open House Wednesday.

      The Heartland community is invited to stop by A.T. Still University the next few days to see a big part of the campus.

      This Wednesday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the A.T. Still Memorial Library is holding their 2nd annual Open House.

      Their main objective is to show the public what resources the library has to offer to the ATSU students and faculty, from electronic databases to e-books.

      They even had on display The Everyday Miracles from the National Library of Medicine.

      "Personally it makes me thankful for our modern medicine because they had preemptive ways of healing people back in the 15th and 16th Centuries. This practice is being continued today even in the 20th Century. People still pray to their Saints and are thankful when their family is healed," said ATSU Library Director Jean Sidwell.

      Tours will be given and refreshments will be served at the event. There is even is a drawing for a t-shirt from the campus bookstore.

      The library is planning to host another open house next year.