A.T. Still University welcomes the Class of 2017

One class graduates while another class is beginning their journey.

Students finished up their school orientation in a big way as A.T. Still University held its White Coat Ceremony for its newest class of medical students early Saturday afternoon at Baldwin Hall on the Truman State University Campus.

Each student received a white doctor's coat with a mind-body-spirit lapel pin.

Students also had a chance to hear from administrators, faculty, staff and upperclassmen students as they gave the new class advice and well wishes as they start their years at A.T.S.U..

This year's incoming 2017 class consists of 172 students, 63 are women while 109 are men, representing 30 U.S. states.

A.T. Still University will begin classes Monday. Good luck A.T.S.U. students, Class of 2017.