A.T. Still's dental students have a "healthy" discussion with an accomplished dentist

Dr. George Blue Spruce, Jr., First American Indian Dentist

It's not everyday that a staff member is a public figure, but The Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health can say otherwise. Doctor George Blue Spruce is the nation's first American Indian Dentist and is currently serving as Assistant Dean for The American Indian Affairs at A.T.Still University. â??When you are in a position such as myself, the pressures are always high. It's like you live in a magnified fish bowl and every body's watching your every move and your every statement. I always have to be a little bit more careful with what I say,â?? says Dr. Blue Spruce.

Today, Dr. Blue Spruce shared his personal success story with students and many were able to find similarities between themselves and the doctor.

â??I could see a similarity. It's encouraging to see his background and see how far he's come with his life and things he's achieved. So, yes, I thought that was great, it helps to push me to pursue greater things in my own life,â?? says Jacob Hambey, a dental student at A.T. Still.

Dr. Blue Spruce has a published book titled "Searching for My Destiny", which was released in 2009. It tells the story of his â??highly contributory lifeâ??.