ATSU and Kirksville Regional Office to hold art show

The Kirksville Regional Office and A.T. Still University are teaming up to host an art show.

This is the first year that the University and the Regional Office are working together to present the show. The event will be held on April 8th beginning at 4:30 p.m. in the Commons Area at ATSU. Artwork ranging from paintings and sculptures to even baked goods will be on display. Artwork can be submitted by anyone of any age. The artwork must be turned in to the Kirksville Regional Office by Friday April 5th, if you would like it to be in the show. Cash prizes will also be awarded.

"Too many people have this conception of what a disability is, and it's something to be afraid of and then we see the disability instead of the ability the person has, so this is just a chance to showcase the creativity that people have," said Sue Gibson, of the Kirksville Regional Office.

The Disability Art Show will be held Tuesday April 8th. The show will begin at 4:30p.m. that day in the Commons Area at A.T. Still University.