A.T.S.U. remembers a somber day

Seven years ago Wednesday, American Connection Flight 5966 crashed near Kirksville Regional Airport while traveling from St. Louis to Kirksville. Most of the 15 passengers were on their way to A.T. Still University for a conference on developing a compassionate campus. Thirteen people, including both crew members were killed in the crash. Two survived the tragedy. A.T.S.U administrators and people who knew the victims want to ensure that their message of compassion lives on.

I think it adds to the practice of medicine. Said guest speaker Lancer Gates D.O. Patients will get better care when they are provided care by someone who shows compassion and truly cares about their well being.

Gates knew one of the victims and one who survived. Both of them made an impact in his life.

Dr. John Krogh who survived the crash actually interviewed me for medical school here in Kirksville. I had classes with son so I know him well. Gates said. Dr. Mark Varidin, who died, taught me in my third and fourth years of medical school while I was in Florida. It was a pleasure to work and know someone like him.

The plane crash on October 19th, 2004, killed six members of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine osteopathic community.

This ceremony was part of Day of Compassion in which A.T.S.U. remembers the message of compassion and humanism in medicine.