ATSU students learn with iPAD

There is no doubt technology has made huge steps over the years. And incoming students at ATSU are taking full advantage of that. They have all received an iPAD that they will use during classes.

â??We had two main goals in mind when we came up with iPAD initiative. The first goal was to help students become better prepared physicians. We are proud of ATSU and how it stays in the forefront of innovation. We though the iPAD would be great for that mission. The second mission was to become a greener campus. By doing so we eliminate a lot of paper waste and it has really started to excite the whole green campus feel,â?? said ATSU student and founder of the iPAD initiative.â??

Last year a pilot program was done with iPADâ??s and this year it the cost has been included in tuition fees for all new students. ATSU officials think this will impact and change their curriculum in a positive way.