Attempted child abduction at Eddyville Elementary Tuesday

A possible attempted child abduction of two children happened on Tuesday at Eddyville Elementary.

The Mahaska County Sheriffâ??s Office received a call from the EBF School District Tuesday concerning the possible attempted abduction of two 4th grade students from the south side playground area.

The only description at this time is that white male was driving a white minivan with a gold stripe around the wheels. The suspect asked the students to get in the van that is when the students knew this situation was not right.

â??In the prime example with these young boys -- what they did was reported this incident to a teacher and that teacher then reported it to the district and then contacted law enforcement so it could be followed up. So we encourage the public to contact us with this type of contact with the kids,â?? said Chief Deputy Don Phillips of the Wapello County Sheriffâ??s Department.

The Wapello County Sheriffâ??s Department is working alongside the Mahaska Sheriffâ??s Department on this case.

Chief Deputy Phillips said there have been other reports within the state of Iowa involving a white van. At this time, it is unknown if it related to this case.

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