Attorney for fake cancer victim speaks out

Mark Williams, attorney for one of Victoria Marut's victims, speaks out.

The attorney for one of Victoria Marut's victims, speaks out.

Marut, a Truman University student, allegedly pretended to have terminal cancer and told teachers and staff she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Marut is charged with a felony after allegedly faking she had cancer, and back in January she pleaded not guilty.

Thursday, we spoke exclusively with Mark Williams, an attorney for one of Marut's victims.

"I think the first and foremost thing my client, and a lot of people want in this situation is this: this girl to get some help," Williams said.

Williams tell us his client is not adamant about jail time for Marut. He says his client is more concerned with addressing the psychological help Marut may need.

"You know obviously something's wrong. If all these allegations are true, she needs some psychiatric help, probably that she doesn't do this again."

Williams says this scam has emotionally tarnished his client's willingness to give.

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