ATVs aren't toys

Driving an All Terrain Vehicle might be fun but they can be dangerous. Over the last three months, we're reported 13 injuries or deaths in ATV-related crashes. You might not know that riding ATVs on public highways is illegal in both Iowa and Missouri,

All terrain vehicles are not toys. Sometimes they're used in that manner but they're certainly not toys. They're a piece of machinery and the Missouri State Highway Patrol recommends that before anyone rides on All Terrain Vehicles, they attend an ATV Safety Training Course, said Sgt. Brent Bernhardt. ATVs aren't for kids. In Missouri, the law states that no one under 16 can operate under an ATV unless supervised by a parent or on a parent's land. Under Iowa law, no one under age 12 can operate an ATV unless on private land, and no one under 18 can operate an ATV on public land unless they have a safety training certificate.

everyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while driving an ATV in Missouri. There are no laws in Iowa regarding helmet use on ATVs.

However, it is recommended that everyone wear one to avoid head injury in an accident.

Most ATV's are made for one person, and should never hold a passenger.

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Iowa State Laws

Missouri State Laws