Authorities say missing Iowa cousins are alive

Authorities are refocusing their efforts in locating two missing girls from eastern Iowa.

A spokesperson for the FBI told media outlets that FBI divers who searched a northeast Iowa lake for the two missing cousins have left the state as investigators explore other possibilities.

FBI spokeswoman Sandy Breault said Saturday that federal authorities were continuing the investigation and would provide resources to help locate Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 10, and Elizabeth Collins. 8; but she said the divers were no longer needed.

The girls vanished a week ago after riding their bikes near Meyers Lake in the northeast Iowa town of Evansdale. Their bikes were later found on a path near the lake.

Authorities say they now believe the girls were abducted, after concluding that they did not drown or die in the lake. Authorities are also scrutinizing family members of the girls, although they have not named any suspects.