Authorities search for suspects after overnight break-in at â??The Bankâ??

The Bank, a tavern in Greentop, was broken into early Thursday morning.

Investigators are trying to find the suspects who broke into "The Bank" in Greentop early Thursday morning.

Although in this case, â??The Bank" isn't a financial institution, itâ??s a bar.

The tavern is owned by Tosha Watkins and her husband.

Watkins told KTVO the bandits kicked in the back door to get inside.

She said the door was destroyed and will have to be replaced, and the suspects made off with an estimated $2,000 in cash and coins, including all the quarters from the quarter machine.

Chief Deputy Luis Perez from the Schuyler County Sheriff's Office says that based on tracks in the sand near the back door of The Bank, at least two people committed the crime, possibly three.

Perez estimates the break-in happened sometime between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Thursday.

Anyone who may have heard or saw any suspicious activity at The Bank in Greentop is encouraged to contact the Schuyler County Sheriff's Office at (660)457-3436.