Autopsy photos move Snow to tears

A new development in a local murder trial that started earlier this week: the state rested its case Thursday in the murder trial of Bobby Joe Snow of Ottumwa.

Prosecutor Laura Roan called Medical Examiner Greg Schmunk to the stand.

Schmunk performed the autopsy on victim, James McElroy.

During his testimony, Schmunk presented graphic photos of McElroy's body.

Jurors seemed relatively unmoved by the photos, but the defendant seemed visibly upset.

Snow avoided looking at the photos and spent much of the time wiping tears from his eyes or scribbling feverishly on a legal pad.

The doctor told jurors that McElroy died from a massive skull fracture.

He said the fracture was the result of McElroy's head hitting the pavement after Snow punched him.

After the state rested, Defense Attorney Robert Conrad made a brief opening statement to jurors.

Conrad told them the evidence will show that Snow struck McElroy only after he confronted his client three separate times.

The defense will continue its case Friday morning, when jurors travel to the neighborhood near Cocanana's Bar and Grill to view the scene of the crime.

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