Bachmann pushing forward

Minnesota Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann made a swing through the Heartland Saturday.

The Congresswoman made stops in Fairfield, Ottumwa and Oskaloosa.

KTVO caught up with Representative Bachmann at a town hall meeting at Ottumwa's Bridge View Center.

The question and answer session lasted about an hour and a half. The topics ranged from illegal immigration, to healthcare, to small business incentives.

She took a few moments to speak about her experience running a business.

"I have come from below poverty and had to figure it out, and now we run our own successful company. I get it. The problems of small business, it's tough to make a go, really tough. Like I said, you can't make any wrong decisions, Hey, they all have to be right decisions, and unlike the government, which has no incentive to make right decisions, their incentive is to feather their own nest," said Representative Bachmann.

The congresswoman's poll numbers have been dipping lately, while other candidates such as Herman Cain have seen an increase in their popularity.

Just this past summer, Bachmann was at the top of the pack when she was victorious at the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa.

As Bachmann told KTVO, her popularity number might be low, but that isn't stopping her campaign.

"Well we are doing exactly what we are doing when we won the Iowa Straw Poll. We are here, we are meeting people at town hall after town hall. People are very excited and they are looking forward with what is going to happen. The political stock market is like the wall street stock market , it has been up and down and up and down. But what people want is someone who is enthusiastic and they want an Iowan in the White House. I was born in Waterloo, Iowa and people like that common sense of sensibility. We are gathering votes all across Iowa and we are looking forward to January 3rd and we want every vote," said Representative Bachmann.

KTVO will continue to cover the presidential candidates as they make their way through the Heartland.