Bank robber gets away again-UPDATE

Authorities across northern Missouri are on the lookout for a bank robber.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said a white male suspect held up BTC Bank in Chillicothe, Missouri around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Chillicothe Police Lt. Matt Rodriquez told KTVO the robber was armed with a handgun.

Rodriquez said the 300-pound man walked up to a teller's station with a black notebook-type item that the teller described as a Trapper Keeper.

He said the robber opened up the Trapper Keeper and took out a handgun and pointed it at the teller.

The suspect spoke in a soft voice and told the teller to give him all of her $10 and $20 bills. He then told her he wanted the money from her bottom drawer, too.

The teller complied. The man then put the money in his Trapper Keeper and quietly left the bank.

Police said the robber got away with approximately $3,500 in cash.

No one was hurt during the holdup.

The suspect is described as about 5'7" tall and is believed to be between 40 and 50 years old.

He has a black moustache and was wearing a black ball cap, a black coat and blue jeans.

The getaway car was a dirty, 2000 white Chrysler van, with lightly tinted windows.

The first three characters of the license plates are believed to be KE5. Rodriquez said the first letter is definitely a "K."

He said they are about 50-percent sure the second and third characters are "E5."

The van was last seen heading east out of Chillicothe on Highway 36 right after the crime.

Investigators say the suspect in Wednesday afternoon TMs bank robbery matches the suspect in previous bank robberies in Moberly, Sedalia, Rolla, Jefferson City and St. Louis.

The FBI is assisting in the investigation. Police are busy following up leads about possible sightings of the suspect's van.

So far, none of the leads has panned out, but authorities encourage you to call your local law enforcement agency if you think you see the van in question.