Barber retains dental license

Steve Barber

A judge has ruled that a convicted dentist can keep his license, for now.Dr. Steve Barber, 72, of Kirksville, was recently convicted of two counts of felony witness tampering.The Missouri Dental Board says Barber violated the terms of his probation, and should have his license suspended.The board cannot discipline him for 30 days after a petition is filed. That's why it was hoping a judge would suspend Barber's license until a disciplinary probabtion violation hearing can be held on July 29.A stay was granted for a disciplinary hearing previously scheduled for May 27.They say he has also violated federal and state drug laws, rules, and regulations.The judge dismissed and denied that request Wednesday morning. That means Barber can still practice dentistry, at least until the probation hearing.Barber is scheduled to be sentenced on his criminal conviction on August 17.See our previous stories.....

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