'Barefoot Bandit' back in court Thursday

Colton Harris-Moore, the man known as the â??Barefoot Banditâ??

Colton Harris-Moore, the man known as the â??Barefoot Banditâ??, was back in court Thursday in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Harris-Moore pleaded not guilty to a single charge of second-degree burglary.

He gained international attention in 2010 by stealing five planes, over a dozen cars, several boats and broke into homes and businesses during his crime spree. He was arrested following a shootout in the Bahamas.

The crime spree allegedly brought Harris-Moore through the Heartland when a car authorities believed he stole turned up in Pella, Iowa. A car from Ottumwa, Iowa was stolen and later found between Dallas City and Niota, Illinois.

Just after that, The Burlington Hawkeye reported that a stolen truck, taken from the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport, was later found near Danville, Illinois.

Harris-Moore was nicknamed the "Barefoot Bandit" after police found his bare footprints at crime scenes.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)

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