Bargain hunters delight at Drug Task Force auction

The Bridgeview Center in Ottumwa was packed with bargain hunters Saturday morning as the Southeast Iowa Inter-Agency Drug Task Force held its seized property auction.

Officers frequently seize property as part of drug investigations, and that property can range from power tools to late model Harley Davidson motorcycles.

When the inventory builds up, the task force auctions the property off to the public and the proceeds are then pumped back into task force drug interdiction efforts.

For southeast Iowans that can mean some good deals, or maybe not.

â??Well the thrill of it is to try buy it worth the money but any more the way the days are you almost pay new price to take it home,â?? said Bargain Hunter Gus Walker.

Walker was at the auction hoping to get a deal on a truck, and he was not concerned that the vehicle he wanted to buy had been owned by a criminal. He said law enforcement had already taken care of them.

We don't have any word on whether Walker got his deal or not.