Barhydt Chapel's stained glass window has a new home

Dwaine and Jane Dooley were one of the couples who attended that were married at the Barhydt Chapel of Parsons College.

In 1970 the Parkers were married in front of the Barhydt Chapel and the memories of this stained glass window are vivid.

"We decided to get married there because of the historical significance and the relationship to so many people who were near and dear to us and their relationships to parsons and so it just became the obvious solution that that's where we should be married,â?? Joneane Parker said.

The chapel was demolished in 2001.

â??It was such an important part of our community such a cornerstone of the religious life here and it was with great sadness when we heard this news.â??

But the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center and others in community rescued both the churchâ??s organ and the stained glass window.

â??We created this Parsons Alumni Hall and the window was designed for this for this place and it was in storage for at least 10 years and a local company actually installed and restored it for us.â?? Honorary Susan Kessel said.

Members working on the project keep the project alive unveiling the stained glass window Sunday evening.

â??Itâ??s kind of overwhelming,â?? Kessel said. â??Weâ??re so glad that it really did happen because we were short of funds in building, and we had to raise the funds separately, and we had a few grants and a lot of donations to put together to make this all happened.â??

She says it took a total of $76,000 for this restoration and installment. The Parkers say they couldnâ??t be happier to see the stained glass window refurbished and manifested again.

â??Weâ??ve been so very very happy to be able to enjoy the Barhydt Chapel that graced our wedding day and performances here,â?? Parker said.