Baring's post office still open for business but with limited hours

United States Post Office in Baring, Mo.

One northeast Missouri post office will still be open for business, but not without a few changes.

Wednesday afternoon, the Post Office Operations for Central Missouri held a public meeting in Baring to announce that their town's office won't be closing as originally planned, but instead be open for four hours a day Monday through Friday and one hour and 15 minutes on Saturdays.

This comes after customer surveys were sent out asking if they wanted the post office to modify business hours, close the post office and have curbside delivery, or close the post office and move to a neighboring location such as Edina.

81-percent voted on modifying the hours.

"I think the people of Baring are happy that the hours are just going to be reduced and that I didn't come in here and say that their post office is closing. They want the office to stay open and work around their schedules around whatever hours the office is open," said Manager of Post Office Operation Area 6 Cindy Bolles.

Bolles said the surveys are part of a strategy created back in May of this year that would help keep the nation's smallest post offices from closing its doors.

As of right now, it is unknown what the new hours at the post office will be until logistics are looked over.

The community will be notified at least 30 days prior before the changes take affect. The changes will not happen until after January 12 of next year.

The United States Postal Service has lost $25 billion in revenue since 2007.