Battle over vehicle sales tax

Governor Jay Nixon said more than 120,000 Missouri residents could face a retroactive tax if lawmakers override his veto of a bill related to local taxes on vehicles.

In March, the Missouri State Supreme Court ruled that local sales tax cannot be levied on vehicles bought from another state or individual.

Missouri State Representative Zachary Wyatt said he will be voting in favor of overriding. â??It's hurting counties revenues by not being able to put rocks on roads, or be able to fix bridges that might not be applicable to be fixed because they might not have money to do that because of loss revenue,â?? Wyatt said.

He said Missouri borders 8 states and â??itâ??s taking business from my district to Ottumwa, or Centerville which isnâ??t right. I want to make sure these life long businesses are going to stay in northeast Missouri, and that theyâ??ll be able to prosper and on the same level as all the other businesses throughout the area,â?? Wyatt said.

Wyatt also added that the tax has been collected for many years and it wouldn't be retroactive, but would start over from a new date to be decided if the override is successful.