Be careful when cooking the turkey this holiday

With the Thanksgiving holiday comes all the food and the cooking and preparing all those good eats can lead to possible fire hazards.

According to experts, more grease and cooking related fires occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.

The most common over the past few years have been fires started when people try to deep fry a turkey.

The Kirksville Fire Department says if that is part of your cooking plans this Thanksgiving, take the necessary precautions.

"With deep fried turkey, you want to make sure you do that in the exterior and from the house and be prepared with an extinguisher handy. Never fill your fryer with more oil than what is called for and make sure the turkey is completely defrosted prior to putting it in the oil because it can react with the heat," said David Rigdon of the Kirksville Fire Department.

Rigdon also said to keep a close eye on your stove and oven and keep a 3 foot radius for kids' safety.

He says if a fire does break out, try to put a lid on a pot or close the oven door and make sure your extinguisher is in good working order. Worse case senerio, call 911 immediately.