Be on the lookout for 'blow-ups' on the road

With many traveling out on the roads this Fourth of July holiday, the Missouri Department of Transportation wants you to be careful with road pavement blow-ups.

As hot temperatures continue to soar pass 90-degrees across the Heartland, it with already seeped moisture in cracks on road surfaces to expand and pop-up like a bump.

Although these "blow-ups" are not pot holes, MODOT officials still want motorists to take precautions when seeing one on the road.

"If it's big enough in size and motorists are traveling fast enough, they can cause harm to their vehicle or some vehicular problem. But as long as they slow down and paying attention. They should be able to pass it properly," said MODOT North Area Engineer Amy Crawford.

Crawford wants to the public to contact them if they see any blow-ups.

"If they let us know, we can get out there and fix it. We want people to call us or go on our website and contact us and let us know about these areas because it is something we can fix," Crawford said.

If motorists have any complaints of blow-ups or any other road issues MODOT should know about, call 1-888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636) or click here.