Be wary of putting wooden spoons in your dishwasher

Jeff Jachura of Kirksville found this wooden spoon smoldering in his dishwasher.

A northeast Missouri man is glad he got up in the middle of the night to get a drink.

Otherwise, he's afraid his house might have burned down.

Jeff Jachura of Kirksville said he put a wooden spoon in the dishwasher before he went to bed Tuesday night and started the machine.

He says when he woke up in the night to get a drink, he discovered the handle of the spoon blackened and smoldering.

The wooden spoon had apparently fallen out of its position in the dishwasher and landed on the heating element in the bottom of the appliance where it started to burn.

And, there were still 10 minutes left on the drying cycle.

Jachura wanted to warn everyone that this could happen.

He told KTVO that after this week's scare, he plans to sit down with his family and come up with an escape plan in the event they ever do have a fire.