Beach Ottumwa prepares for opening weekend

Beach Ottumwa's wave pool is filled up in preparation for Saturday's opening day.

Beach Ottumwa is preparing to open its doors this weekend.

On Wednesday, the wave pool was filled and pumps, motors and heaters were also turned on to get ready for Saturday's swimmers.

In the off-season, the Beach completed an $18,000 project to repaint the half-circle at the entrance. Several other touch-ups were also done, including re-painting the two mushrooms.

Beach Ottumwa is 21 years old, so there is usually always some kind of repair that is needed. But in general, the Beach is in good shape and is ready for another year.

"Fortunately, everything came through the winter in good shape," said Gene Rathje, Director of Ottumwa's Parks and Rec Department. "We didn't have any big water line breaks because our staff did a good job of winterizing last fall. So besides just the fact that it's 21 years old, we're in good shape and we're ready to go."

The outside temperature needs to be 70 degrees at noon in order for Beach Ottumwa to open that day. So far, the forecast for Memorial Day weekend is looking good.

The Beach will be open from noon to 8 p.m. Saturday-Monday. Since a few snow days pushed back the last day of school this year, Beach Ottumwa will be open weekends only until June 10.