Bed bugs taking over city

According to Kirksville Codes and Planning Director Brad Selby, bed bugs are a growing problem in the city.

Selby said just a few years ago the city did not have any calls or complaints about bed bugs and now he said the city gets calls every week.

Selby said the city is kind of at a loss on what to do.

Bed bugs are a tough pest to kill, and there are not many good pesticides.

â??Well people can be aware that bed bugs are a hitchhiker,â?? Selby said.

â??They get on back packs and clothes, and if you go to someoneâ??s house and they happen to have bed bugs one can get on you. Or, you can pick up eggs on your feet that stick (to your shoes), and you can take them home, and itâ??s a bad thing.â??

Selby said the city is trying to make residents aware of the problem. He said the biggest problem is multi family housing.

â??The code says that in that instance the landlord and the tenant both have joint responsibility to make sure they get those bed bugs killed,â?? Selby said.

â??We encourage the landlord if one apartment in a fourplex has bed bugs that you treat them all. Because, if you just treat one (home) it drives them to the other apartments, so you really have to do the whole building when you treat it.â??