Beef prices are still on the rise

Sticker shock on the price of beef won't be on the decline anytime soon.

The prices have been on the rise for the past three to five years. Reasons for the price include a lower amount of feed for cattle.

Due to past droughts battering the Midwest, supply of hay and grasses have not been as abundant. This is making it harder for farmers to find feed, and when they do, it is more expensive.

Experts say the price of beef may not be back to normal for another two to four years.

"Beef prices right now are getting lot of national attention. You know we want to sometimes blame it on the quick and easy reason, but really this has been one of those things that's just kind of been the perfect storm and it's been coming for the last three to five years," said Zac Erwin, MU Extension Regional Livestock Specialist.

Ranchers are in the process of building up herds and supplying more feed for the animals. However until they do, the family barbeque will continue to put a bigger dent in the pocketbook.