Bestselling children's author inspires young illustrators

Jan Brett signs copies of her newest book "Ciders: A Chicken Cinderella" in Kirksville on Sunday.

A New York Times Bestselling children's author and illustrator made a stop in the Heartland Sunday morning.

Jan Brett was at the Truman State University Book Store in Kirksville for a book signing and special presentation.

Brett is touring the nation, promoting her newest book "Cinders: a Chicken Cinderella."

To start the morning off, Brett introduced the crowd to a few of her feathered friends that provided inspiration for this latest book.

"It was wonderful! She even had live chickens, I mean you can't beat a program on Sunday morning with live chickens, so it was amazing,â?? said Jami Livingston, the Drake Public Library Director.

Then she moved on to the main event, an illustration demonstration. Brett illustrated a picture of the main character Chicken Cinders, giving some tips and tricks to the aspiring artists along the way.

â??Oh I adored it. It was fascinating to see her work on the chicken, uh do the Cinder drawing for us today and see her process,â?? said JeNel Barth, a librarian at the Drake Public Library.

Brett knew from an early age that she wanted to be a children's book illustrator and encourages kids of all ages to pursue their dreams too.

Once she finishes up this fall book tour, Brett will continue working on her newest book "The Animal's Santa," set for release in 2014.