Bevier ball park getting help from local grant

The city of Bevier's ball park is getting help thanks to a sizeable grant by Macon County Economic Development.

One city's ballpark is getting help thanks to a sizeable grant.

Macon County Economic Development presented a big check to the city of Bevier Monday afternoon.

The check for $15,000 was made out to the Bevier Baseball Association.

This is a grant through the Macon County Landfill Fee for upgrades to the ballpark. That fee program was put in place to increase economic development in the area.

"Our landfill fee has been very successful over the years were able to help a lot of different organizations a lot of communities within Macon County through this fund and for us is just another example of all the good that we can accomplish with the funding is provided us that was voted on by our citizens," said Macon County Economic Development Director Denise Bennett.

The program requires all trash brought to the Macon County landfill to be accompanied by tipping fees. The revenue from that is used for infrastructure grants and loans for the community.

About 13 neighboring counties participate in the program.