Bevier softball team hosts run/walk for coach's wife

The Bevier community came together early Saturday morning to support their Softball coach's wife, who is fighting a battle against breast cancer.

Jackie Ehly has been fighting breast cancer since January 2010. Right now, it's in remission.

In order to help her and her husband with traveling costs to Columbia for chemotherapy, the Bevier Softball team coached by her husband, decided to host a 5K run and two mile walk in her honor.

The theme was "Jackie's Warriors, supporting her until she wins."

More than 100 people showed up to run and walk. Ehly said she is forever grateful.

"It's overwhelming," said Jackie Ehly.

"I'm just shocked that so many people were willing to come out today on a nice brisk day like this and support me in this endeavor. I really appreciate it. It means a lot."

"We got in a huddle one day and we're just like we need to represent Jackie," said Valle Wilson, a member of the Bevier Softball team. "She's a great person and Jim has done a lot with the community."

Ehly participated in the two mile walk and said she was feeling pretty good.

After the run and walk, a lunch was held in the Bevier City Park.