Bidder chosen for courthouse repairs

A building considered the anchor of historic preservation in downtown Kirksville is getting some needed repairs, thanks to the state of Missouri.

The Adair County Commission met Monday morning to view several bids for structural repairs to the Adair County Courthouse.

There were several bids for the renovation, but the one with the lowest bid was from a local company.

PSR Construction Incorporated in Kirksville bid came in at $114,000.

According to the commission, the biggest changes will be made to the attic.

"Overtime there had been issues with minor settling in the attic...pretty visible,â?? Martin E. Meyer Project Architect with Architechnics, Incorporated said.

â??The strategy we used in the design was to stabilize all of the structure to make sure that nothing continues to settle."

Meyer said the changes are not necessarily due to safety or cosmetic issues.

"We acknowledge the fact that yes there are some issues with the structure, but there is no impending collapse of the building in any way shape or form,â?? Meyer said. â??But, we do need to take measures to make sure things donâ??t get worse.â??

Adair County received a 60/40 grant from the Federal Historic Preservation fund for $128,000.

The commission said its pleased a local company will be doing the renovations, and its excited to get started.

Meyer said the project should begin around the spring or summer.

He said the next step is for PSR and the courthouse, to come up with construction times, and dates.

Construction on the courthouse was completed back in 1899, and the courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.