'Big checks' help fund two projects in one Heartland community

Macon Economic Development presents two checks to the city of LaPlata

One Heartland community received some much needed help to fund two separate projects.

The â??Big Checksâ?? were presented early Tuesday morning to the city of LaPlata for two grant projects.

The first grant is for $12,000 and will be used for new restrooms at the LaPlata City Park.

â??Right now we do not have a permanent bathroom facility in the park that is handicap accessible, and itâ??s going help a lot,â?? said LaPlata City Clerk Bobbie Jacques. â??The park is used a lot, the Soybean Festival, family reunions, it's a very focal point in the community.â??

The second grant is for $15,000 and will be used for new parking and sidewalks at the LaPlata Nursing Home.

â??This grant is going to allow us to actually redo the parking area. Our plan is to remove the current asphalt and either replace it with new asphalt or concrete parking depending on the bids we receive and the expense of the project, but this $15,000 is definitely going to help us accomplish our goal,â?? said LaPlata Nursing Home Director Debbie Cain.

The checks were presented by Macon County Economic Development and were funded through the Macon County Landfill Fee Program/Infrastructure Grants.