Bike trail through Memorial Park on hold

A new biking trail through Memorial Park is in the works.

The Ottumwa City Council met Monday evening and discussed the bike trail.

The bike trail would attract bicycle enthusiasts to the park. Disc golf and hunting are already established activities at Memorial Park.

â??If anyone is out there hunting and misidentifies a mountain biker for a deer, they probably shouldnâ??t be out there hunting anyway,â?? says bike enthusiast Steve Carroll.

Safety was the main concern discussed between the city council members. The worry of accidental shootings and pedestrian-bike accidents need to be alleviated before the council will pass this issue.

The council decided to â??tableâ?? the issue. They did not pass it and they did not veto it.

They would like to do a complete walk-through of where the bike trail would be before they pass it. Once every council member has done so, they will come to a decision at a later city council meeting.