Bike trail unveiled in Memorial Park

Memorial Park Bike Trail unveiling

People in the City of Bridges gathered in Memorial Park for a ribbon cutting celebrating the unveiling of a new bike trail.

There was a large turnout of mountain bike enthusiasts in the Monday evening. Construction began in November of 2012, and now bicyclists in the community have a four mile trail to enjoy. There are three trailheads you can enter from the parking lots on the Elm St. side of the park, and one trailhead is accessible on the Jefferson St. side. The trail runs in a continuous loop with sections you can veer off on based on different levels of difficulty you wish to endure.

â??It's been a nine month project and we had over 80 people working on it from the beginning to end,â?? Jim Langland, Memorial Park Bike Trail Project Organizer, said. â??We had over 1,000 man hours into it, so we're very excited with that accomplished and the proudest fact is we did it all with volunteer labor and no money was needed by the city, so the materials were purchased with privately donated money and or donated by the city although labor was volunteered.â??

Volunteers working on the project plan to add two miles to the trail for an "expert only" loop next fall.