Bill Cosby calls Heartland teen at home

Will Jacobs, 13, from Winigan, Mo.

A northeast Missouri boy's wish comes true, sort of!

As we told you in an earlier story, it is 13-year-old Will Jacobs' dying wish to meet Bill Cosby.

The Winigan teen has been fighting a losing battle against brain cancer for the past year.

We are excited to report that Bill Cosby personally called Will at home Wednesday evening and talked with him for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Will's mom, Trena, told KTVO her son was â??extremely excitedâ?? about the celebrity phone call and said Will called this a "glorious day."

Cosby told Will that he will be sending him a package with DVD's, a shirt and autographed photograph.

The comedian didn't mention anything to Will about coming to visit him, but Trena said the

Make-a-Wish Foundation is still working with Cosby's representatives to see if they can make it happen.

Kirksville resident Lynn Sorenson, who had sent a couple of e-mails to Cosbyâ??s agent on Wednesday, said that she got a call back Wednesday evening from a woman at that office asking her for Willâ??s phone number, telling her that Cosby was going to call Will.

Not too long after that, Cosby picked up the phone and called Will at his home outside Winigan.

Trena Jacobs thanks all of you who tweeted Bill Cosby and sent him facebook messages and called his agent's office imploring him to make Will's wish come true.

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