Bill filed to ban K2 alternatives

Legislation to add all K2 alternatives to list of controlled substances took the first step on Tuesday.

Sponsored by state Rep. Ward Franz, R-West Plains, House Bill 641 was filed Tuesday in the Missouri House of Representatives. The bill would add all synthetic cannabinoids (K2 alternatives) as well as Ivory Wave, which is synthetic cocaine that is being sold as bath salts, to the list of Schedule I controlled substances and make possession of it a class C felony.This is an extremely important bill and I expect it will help address and fix the problems with synthetic cannabinoids, said Rep. Franz. The public has made it clear that they want this issue addressed. The more we learn about these compounds, the more we realize how dangerous they are.A vast array of K2-like substances sprang forth after the passage of HB 1472 from last session. House Bill 1472 added the newly identified substance commonly known as K2, which is a synthetic form of marijuana to the list of Schedule I controlled substances and made possession of it a class C felony. That bill was signed into law and went into effect in August of 2010.It is frustrating when individuals continue to sell this stuff when they know that it is not only harmful, but is also purposely designed to skirt the law just to make a profit, said Rep. Franz. However, since they continue to do so, I feel it is necessary to do all we can to protect our families.More information can be found at