Bill ignites end of an era

Iowa signs bill that allows the use and sale of fireworks for the first time since 1938. (MGN Online)

Nearly 80 years since the ban on fireworks began, with the stroke of a pen Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad signed a bill not only allowing the sale, but the use of the pyrotechnic.

In the bill, cities and counties are given the option to control the when, where and even if people are allowed to use fireworks. This has caused a last-minute scramble to decide on the use of fireworks.

"You're going to have problems with fireworks whether it's legal or not. I think you're going to have less problems if people aren't trying to hide it and do it illegally," Ottumwa resident Ken Crosser said.

People have cited a slew of reasons why fireworks should not be allowed including people getting injured, frightening farm animals and triggering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans.

"I think safety is the biggest thing, probably. There are people who get injured by fireworks, so that has probably been one of my biggest concerns about the legislation going through," Ottumwa resident Nancy Bishop said.

Iowa's Legislative Service Agency estimates the state will generate $1.2 million in sales tax from fireworks if all 99 counties opt-in.

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