Bitter cold weather causing water service issues

With the recent cold snap over the weekend, the city of Ottumwa has seen many incidences of not only frozen pipes, but actual water services freezing as well.

"Utility crews out over the weekend were reporting frost as deep as four feet in places," said Ottumwa Public Information Coordinator Tom Rodgers. "So this could easily put your water service where it comes into the house in danger of being frozen--so we just encourage folks to be aware of that and take precautions as needed."

This can be a dangerous situation for homeowners because it can cause a lot of damage to the pipes in addition to being out of water service.

Ottumwans are encouraged to let their faucets drip just a tiny bit. This helps keep the water in the pipes moving and the service active.

There will be a slight, additional charge on the water bill, but that cost is much less than having to replace the service or all water lines because of frozen pipes.