Blake Smith and John Archer "Meet and Greet" constituents in Ottumwa

Republican candidate for Iowa House District 81 Blake Smith held a â??Meet and Greetâ?? Saturday afternoon at The Vine Coffeehouse in Ottumwa.

Smithâ??s Republican primary opponent is Rick McClure. Whoever wins the primary in June will go against incumbent state Rep. Mary Gaskill.

Republican John Archer was also in attendance to show his support for Smith. Archer is running for U.S. House Seat District 2 against Dan Dolan. Whoever wins the Republican primary will face democratic incumbent Dave Loebsack.

Creating jobs in Southeast Iowa is a major concern for constituents in this election.

â??I think the first place to start is the business atmosphere in itself. You know, progressive corporate tax system needs redone for sure. I think we're the second highest in the state or the nation now,â?? said Smith.

Both Smith and Archer believe face-to-face interaction and answering questions from constituents is critical in winning an election.

â??The question is, how are we going to compete against Brazil, Russia, India? And that gets back to less regulation, lowering taxes, energy independence, and getting our financial house in order,â?? said Archer about creating jobs.

Both candidates plan to continue holding more â??Meet and Greetsâ?? as election time approaches.